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Code of Conduct


At Ziva Wedding Dresses, we care about our people and the planet. Creating timeless, non-disposable clothing made with care and quality is a strong part of our business. The quality of our relationships also lead to a quality in how we do business and the end product that women wear.

When it comes to sustainability, being honest and sharing the journey with our customers is part of our moral obligation as a business. Sustainability is a mission that is much greater than ourselves and one we are fully committed to tackling as a business.

We’re taking a responsible view, looking at all aspects of our business – from the materials, we source to how our tailors operate in order to look at what our impact is on the environment.

We’re aware that every part of the process in our chain of consumption generates a direct environmental impact on our planet. In order to do business we can’t completely eradicate this impact but we monitor it and reduce what we can.

We also establish a standard with all of our partners across all stages of product development and production to ensure our manufacturing process is in-line with where we want to be.


We take transparency very seriously, so we expect all those involved in the manufacture of our products to ensure they are equally as transparent in all business operations with Ziva Wedding Dresses.

Forced Labour/Modern Slavery

We are committed to the elimination of Modern Slavery including all forms of forced, indentured (including prison labour), bonded, involuntary, compulsory or uncompensated labour.

Child Labour

We align our expectations on the principles of Child Labour and working ages to that of the ILO (International Labour Organization), particularly conventions 138 and 182. We require that no person shall be employed at an age younger than 16 or the age as determined by local legalisation (including local labour laws), whichever is higher.

All facilities are required to maintain official documentation in order to verify each worker’s date of birth.

Legal Operations

Ziva Wedding Dresses, we will always operate to the highest of standards and as such, expect our Suppliers, Manufacturers and Sub-Contractors will take all reasonable measures to conduct their business activities in an ethical manner, without bribery, corruption or any type of fraudulent or unethical behaviour. We also require Suppliers, Manufacturers and Sub-Contractors to ensure they hold all required business permits, registrations and licences to operate legally in all aspects of their business in the country of manufacture.

Social Media

Our Ziva Wedding Dresses social media community is a space where every person can feel safe and welcome. We value freedom of expression and encourage healthy and open discussions on our social media platforms. However, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards comments that insight or exhibit bullying, harassment, hate speech, violence or body shaming of any kind and such posts will be moderated. We do not tolerate offensive language or profanity on our platforms and any such comments will be moderated. Our platforms are also moderated for spam/bot content and any comments displaying disinformation or soliciting sales for third party goods or services. If you believe that your comment has been moderated in error please DM us or contact us at customerservice@zivaweddingdresses.com.au.


At Ziva Wedding Dresses, we have a goal to reduce the environmental impact of our products so we require Suppliers, Manufacturers and Sub-Contractors that produce our products to ensure they have an environmental policy in place which includes strategies to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while reducing the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

To ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations is maintained, Suppliers must monitor and implement changes in environmental laws and regulations for all stages of production in our supply chain.

To ensure we achieve our focus on quality while protecting the workers in our supply chain, Ziva Wedding Dreses have set high expectations for the manufacture of our products. In some areas, our expectations may go above those required under local or national law and we expect our Suppliers and Sub-Contractors to ensure these standards are met and complied with at all times.

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