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6 great tips for a beach wedding dress

Beach weddings are more casual and relaxed affair than a traditional church wedding. So ditch the high heels and just go in bare feet. Here are a few wedding dress tips if you are planning a beach wedding.


Go with something light and comfortable. Look for light weight fabrics chiffon, crepe, cotton eyelet, cotton organdy, organza.
Try and go for fabrics which won’t pick up half the sand on the beach such as sheer organza. You don’t have to stick to one fabric, you can have a combination of comfortable fabrics.

Length of dress

Its best not to have a long trail on the dress as it may pick up all the sand on the beach and get ruined. Unless you don’t mind.
Having said that, the great thing about having a summer beach wedding is that there aren’t any rules on the

length of dress.

The dress can be any length. If you are worried about the sand, there are lots of fun and elegant short wedding dresses too.
Just keep in mind the sand and summer heat. You want to be comfortable and not trip up in a long dress.


Depending on the location, a sea breeze can pick up in the afternoon. So avoid having a large ball gown style dress as you may be flighting to keep it under control.
Equally avoid a tight figure hugging dress. We don’t want brides fainting in the heat! Opt for something in between such as a column silhouette.


Why stay white? The colours for 2015 are pale blue or light mint. You will be amazed by your wedding photos with just a hint of either colour in your dress especially when posed against some rocks.

Decorative additions

Add white and some dark coloured beads and pearls to your wedding dress. Even add a few pastel colours into the mix to create that carefree, romance, beach look and feel.
Our last beach wedding tip – shoes
Forget shoes of any kind! Go for a barefoot sandal, jewelled with star fish, shells and pearls and dance the night away on the sand….