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Each passing year, beauty trends get crazier and crazier. From the unexpected eyebrow wave trend to unconventional makeup sponge choices, people will do anything for social media fame.

Despite the wackiness of it all, a few techniques were worth taking note of. While some may be questionable, professional makeup artists beg to differ.


Makeup tips

Instagram and Tiktok have been known for serving clickbait content. Professionals cannot help but comment how different the social media world and real life is. Due to these, we have gathered a few tips from makeup professionals.


Makeup tips

Cream Blush, Bronzer, and Highlight First

Countless tutorials have shown beauty gurus applying a generous layer of foundation before blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Makeup artists say otherwise. There is nothing wrong with the order on how one applies the product. However, applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter before foundation will create a more youthful glow.

Because the three products will be covered by the foundation, this creates the illusion of a more natural glow on one’s face. It may sound like a huge change one can do, but that small change will produce worthy results.

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Castor Oil Works Wonders

Falsies will always be a staple in one’s makeup kit. With the assortment of sizes, a pair of false eyelashes will always seal the look. Whether the targeted look is sultry or natural, eyelash application will always take time. Instead of setting aside time to apply them, professionals suggest using Castor Oil.

Applying Castor Oil to both eyelashes and eyebrows will do wonders. Religiously applying the oil will stimulate the hair to grow faster. In just three to four months, there will be a noticeable difference with the thickness, length, and overall appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Another not so well known fact about Castor Oil is that it can help in reducing swelling and puffiness. If a breakout were to occur, Castor Oil can help reduce the size of pimples. Eyebags are no exception. Applying this to one’s eye bags will significantly turn lighter.

One Product, Many Possibilities

Back when the makeup industry was limited to few products, people would often use one product. Lipsticks have been used as blush and even color correctors. Companies have taken advantage of this as well. Eyeshadow palettes now come with shades that can be used as blush as well. Even hairspray can substitute as eyebrow setters.

Each makeup product will always have a substitute for another. One should not be afraid to experiment on which product best replaces the absence of another. After all, having one or two flexible products in your purse will do wonders for the hours to come.


Angle Makes a Difference

When doing one’s makeup, the position of the mirror plays an important role. Professionals suggest placing the mirror in an upwards angle. Angling the mirror in such a way makes the face much more pleasing to the eyes. Makeup itself is the action of defining one’s beauty.

As Simona Janek says, makeup transformation should be enjoyable. While makeup enhances beauty, seeing how one begins to transform into their desired look only gives encouragement. The same applies to photography. The better the angle of the camera is, the better and more confident the model will get.

With all these tips, one would be eager to start and apply them in their everyday routine. If there is one thing that professionals would like others to know, it is that having fun should be the most important factor. Enjoying what one is doing, whether it is putting on falsies or lipstick, is what matters.

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Beauty and stress do not belong in one sentence. Just remember that even if your makeup kit doesn’t compose of high-end brands; at the end of the day, feeling beautiful and confident is all that matters.