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One of our most popular queries or questions is about taking measurements for your dress.

Do I need to get a professional tailor to take them?

When should I take them?

What happens if they’re wrong?

These are all excellent questions and we understand it might be daunting at first. So, let’s break it down.

Do I need a professional to take them?

No! In fact, we recommend that you get your friend, family member of fiance to take your measurements. Often tailors have their own way of taking measurements so it’s best to stick with our instructions. 

When should I take them?

We recommend a contingency time of at least a month before your wedding. So, after you take your measurements, we allow 12 weeks for the production of your dress. Your measurements would then be taken 16 weeks from your wedding date – at the latest. 

If you’re planning on losing or gaining weight in that time period, you may need to pencil in an appointment with your local dressmaker to account for any potential fluctuations. In most cases, taking in your dress is fairly straightforward. 

What happens if they’e wrong?

We take the process of taking measurements very seriously. We recommend taking your measurements, waiting 48 hours, and taking them again. And again! It’s vital that you take them correctly and patiently. So if they’re taken correctly, there’s no room for error. Your dress is custom-made for your body shape.