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Are you nervous about buying your wedding dress online?


When it comes to buying your wedding dress online, we understand that there might be some hesitation. We’ll go through some tips on how to ensure you’re making the right decision, for you, when shopping online for your dream wedding dress.


1. Try some different styles on 


Ziva Wedding Dresses recommends trying on different styles of dresses before purchasing online. As we know, different wedding dresses prefer a particular shape of the body. That’s not to say, you shouldn’t wear exactly what you want, but it’s good to know that you feel comfortable in the style, shape, and fit.

What usually happens with our Ziva brides, is they try on a dress, however require some adjustments. This might include, adding sleeves, choosing a particular style of lace, or altering the shape of the skirt.


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2. Understand your fabrics


    Getting to know your fabrics is a good idea, that way you know how you’d like your dress to feel. If you’ve decided to try on dresses beforehand you may like to take a note of what the fabric is. That way you can anticipate how your dress will feel when ordering online.
    Alternatively, you may like to visit a fabric store and feel your way through. Of course, if you’ll still be stuck we’re here to help!
    A great list here too! www.brides.com/story/wedding-dress-fabric-guide
Ziva Wedding Dresses

3. Order in plenty of time


    Many of our brides wait until the last month to provide us with their measurements. This is due to weight loss, postpartum, and even last minute decision making! Whilst we have a 10-12 week window for you to provide us with measurements, the more time the better. This gives us plenty of time to make any required adjustments, postage delays, or any final alterations.

4. Trust your wedding dress supplier


    Read through the T&C’s. Are you comfortable with the tailor’s offerings? What happens if your dress doesn’t look like the sketches or photos? What if you change your mind? Have a good read of the T&C’s to make sure you’re happy with the options!
    Our T&C’s are here!

5. Stick within your budget


    Create a dress that is perfect for you. If that means spending a little less than a designer dress, so that you can use the money for other parts of your wedding – then do so. Ziva Wedding Dresses can create your dream wedding dress without blowing the budget!