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I loved having two dresses and the best bit was that I kept it a surprise from everyone except my bridesmaids!

It’s not completely new news that some brides choose to strip off out of their wedding gown when the reception (party) begins. Brides will often change into a shorter dress so that they can let loose dancing and feel more comfortable after being in a heavy wedding dress for the most part of the day. It’s a practical choice for some.

Of course, the wearing of two or multiple wedding outfits isn’t new. Since the early 20th century, brides have been changing into “going away” outfits at the end of their reception, often because they were headed straight on honeymoon and didn’t need the excess baggage.

Whilst brides are still sticking to the two dress philosophy, the reason is drifting away from the traditional comfort factor. Brides are choosing two dresses, not because they’re tired of hoisting their train up by a bustle, but because it’s a style choice, showcasing the next dress, for the next chapter of their wedding day.

One of our Ziva brides tell us why she chose to wear alternative wedding dress on her wedding day;

My wedding was a beach ceremony combined with a poolside cocktail reception. I wanted to glam it up a bit for the reception so I got two dresses made! My ceremony dress was amazing, a strapless mermaid dress with tulle overlay in an Aline shape out to a chapel train so it was quite transparent and lightweight looking for a beachside style. Gorgeous pieces of lace applique decorated the dress subtly. 
My second dress was a fitting mermaid organza ruffle dress with a detachable shoulder strap over one shoulder. It was super fitted and had that little extra sparkle which was awesome for an evening reception. I loved having two dresses and the best bit was that I kept it a surprise from everyone except my bridesmaids!

Choosing more than one wedding dress is an exciting option for a bride, especially if they’re having trouble finding ‘the one’. Whilst it’s a major trend for 2018 and beyond, with last year celebrities such as, Serena Williams and royal Princess Kate opting in for alternative wedding dress fun, you can too take the opportunity to wear more than one gown. Ziva’s wedding dresses are an affordable option for brides wanting a designer looking gown, so why not splash out and decide on two customised wedding dresses?

Another option, which we’ve been working with a number of our Ziva brides is a detachable skirt and/or train. Once your ceremony and professional photographs have concluded, you may then choose to detach a layer. Remaining is a less heavy dress, with, of course, no train. It’s a fabulous option and affordable option as opposed to two purchasing two wedding dresses.

Whichever option you choose, be it more than one wedding dress, remember it’s your day, your rules.

~ The Team at Ziva Wedding Dresses. x