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Caring For Your Dress

Storing your dress before the wedding

Ideally you’ll order your wedding dress so that it arrives at least a month before the wedding.

This will give you time to let it hang so that any creases caused by being packed in the box have time to come out, or you will have time to get it professionally steamed.

When it arrives, hang it on a padded hanger in a cupboard away from direct sunlight. Leave plenty of space around it.

We recommend covering it with a material that allows for ventilation, such as our bridal gown garment bag provided.

Don’t use plastic – it doesn’t breathe so it can trap condensation, potentially causing mould.

If you’ll be storing your dress for more than six months, it’s best to keep it in a cardboard box protected with the acid free tissue paper we provided, and bring it out a month before the wedding.

Tips for transport

If you are planning a wedding away from home, you’ll need to plan for the dress’s safe arrival.

The best option is to travel by car and spread the dress out over the back seats, with a sheet underneath to protect it.

If you are travelling by air, your options are to either pack it into a box to take with you, or send it ahead with a carrier who specialises in handling fragile goods.

In both cases, pack it into a stiff box or hard container that is large enough to fit the dress without stuffing. The box your dress arrived in will be fine, or you can choose to use your own.

Pack tissue paper into the dress to help keep the shape and fold the dress in a Z-shape to prevent sharp creases.

Depending on the size of the box you may or may not be able to take it on as hand luggage.

Don’t try to stuff it into overhead lockers – you’re better off marking it as fragile and asking the airline staff to put it through the oversized luggage area to be handled with care.

Removing wrinkles

When your dress arrives, or you arrive at your wedding destination, put it on a padded hanger straight away.

Some of the folds should fall out naturally, however to achieve a flawless finish you will probably need to steam the dress to get it looking its best for your wedding day.

Professional steaming will produce the best results – most dry cleaners or a place that does wedding dress alterations will be able to provide this service.

But if you’ve travelled to a remote destination this may not be an option.

An alternative is to create your own steam room: Cover a bathroom floor with towels and run a very hot shower, allowing the room to fill with steam. Turn the water off, then hang your dress on the back of the bathroom door. Next, wrap your arm in a dry, white towel and run it down the length of the gown, smoothing out any wrinkles.

This method is much less likely to leave water spots or iron impressions than a home steamer or iron. If you decide to use an iron on your dress, use a white towel to create a barrier between your dress and the iron.

This will protect the fabric and prevent it from burning. Be careful with the heat these fabrics could melt – you should only use it on the lowest steam setting.

Keeping your dress looking good on the day

To have your wedding dress look its best all day requires a little bit pre-planning.

Be careful when you are putting it on! You should use a scarf or other thin material to cover your face if it goes over your head to protect it from your makeup.

Consider whether your dress has any vulnerable area that you will need to be aware of when sitting. Try to sit slowly and smooth out the back of your dress to prevent bad creasing.

Take care when you walk, and move slowly to put less stress on your dress. Even with utmost care, accidents do happen.

You can be prepared for little emergencies with a stain removal kit – comprised of rubbing alcohol and clean white cloths.

For dry stains such as grease apply the rubbing alcohol or for wet stains like wine apply tepid water and gently blot the spot from its outer edges in; do not work from the middle of the stain out, since this will make the stain bigger.

To dry the dress, use a hair dryer on its lowest setting from at least six inches away. It’s also a good idea to have a needle, thread, and double-sided tape handy for fixing hems that have come undone.

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