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Research & THINK BIG

You can create your custom wedding dress with all the elements you’ve always dreamed of.

Designing your own wedding dress will reflect your personality and style, making sure it’s exactly how you imagined it. Additionally, customised wedding dresses suit all brides. Brides that want a more traditional dress (with some unique details) to those who prefer something more daring.

Firstly, start by collecting some pictures of your vision/inspiration. Some questions to think about while you are looking for inspiration:

• How do you want to feel in my dress?
• What silhouette am I considering?
• What fabric would I like to use?

It’s also advisable to try on some wedding dresses, that way you will see what suits you best, what do you feel comfortable wearing and what you definitely not like.


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Say Hi to Ziva!

Now that you researched and have a vision of what you are looking for the design of your own wedding dress, we can help you move forward with your idea!


custom wedding dresses

Measurements & Preferences

Let’s get to work!

We’ve prepared the vision, the next step will be measurements.

Measurements are one important step in the process to design your own wedding dress, so you can get the best fit. We created a measurement guide to help you.

Ziva Wedding Dresses can also provide a sketch of your dress with the different elements of the images you send us.

With or without sketch is important to share with us all details you would like to see on the design of your wedding dress – a type of fabric, extra details – bows, stones, tattoo lace, etc.

We will be sending you a design brief with ALL the details we spoke about it, images of inspiration, and measurements. We send it to you so you can review it and make sure is all you envision.

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Making your Dress

All details are correct, and you approved it! So now is the time to do the magic and make your dream dress come to life.

Our professional dressmakers will sew your dress by hand. We have a quality control process that makes sure your dress match all the details of the design of your wedding dress and we make adjustments when necessary

Next. when is almost finished we send photos of the dress so you can approve it, or if you nearby Victoria or Melbourne you can have a final fitting with our partner alterations service, Elle & Stuart

custom wedding dress

It’s ready!

Ziva use a signed delivery process, to ensure your dress arrives safely, We’ll email you a confirmation after your dress has been sent, with a tracking ID to monitor its progress.

You’ll triumph in a unique wedding dress, designed by you and for you!

wedding dress fabrics

Wedding dress fabrics

We have a range of different dress fabrics to choose from.

We here to support you in your decision-making on what type of material will suit your style of gown or source the fabric if you know exactly what you’d like. 

Ziva Wedding Dresses are all made with high-quality fabrics and tailored to suit your body shape.