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Dress Measurements Measuring Guide


All our dresses can be individually custom made  to the sizes below.

This ensures that you get the best fit possible, however, please be aware that if you are on a bride’s diet you may need to do some further alterations just before the wedding.

We recommend you have your measurements taken at home by your finance or family member. Wear a bra when measuring to ensure your bust is sitting in the correct spot. If in doubt, please go up in size as it’s far easier to have your dress taken in, that it being too small. 

Match your measurements to the chart below and select your size. 



1. Bust Measurement 

Measure your bust. Take the tape around your upper back, across the widest part of the bust (over both nipples).

Bust Measurement

2. Waist Measurement 

This measurement is around the narrowest part of your body, usually just above the belly button.

House Measurement

3. Hips Measurement 

Measure the circumference around the broadest section of your hips and buttocks. 

Hip Measurement

4. Hollow To Hem / Floor

Measure from the hole in your lower neck to the floor/ hem.

Hollow to floor

5. Full Height

Measure from the top of your head to the floor. 

Measure Your Height

6. Bicep Measurement 

Measure halfway between your shoulder and your elbow.

Bicep Measurement

7. Sleeve Length 

If you are having sleeves on your dress we will need to know your shoulder-to-wrist measurement.

Shoulder to Sleeve Measurement

8. Wrist Measurement 

Measure your wrist. Super important for sleeves!

Wrist Measurement

9. Heel Measurement 

Let us know the heel height of shoes. So that we ensure we account for your heel.

Heel Measurement