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Fuss-Free Bridesmaid look?

We’re going to see a lot of this in 2018 & tbh, we love it!

2018 is just around the corner and for you brides-to-be, you may just be up to that time in your wedding planning.  Your bridesquad’s bridesmaid dresses.

The trend of same colour, different style bridesmaid dresses is extremely popular at the moment. Not only does it look good, it caters for bridesmaids of all beautiful shapes and sizes. No strapless for big busts, no puff for the petite, everyone is happy, including the bride.

So next year we’re keeping it casual, even more individualised and boho, very boho. Wear whatever you like, come as you are.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made a technicolour splash when they served as bridesmaids at Cassie Coane’s upstate New York nuptials, wearing vibrant dresses in a crowd of 18 bridesmaids all dressed in mismatching gowns.

“Some wore printed green, some floaty blue, Mary-Kate wore a champagne-toned kimiono with emerald-green Balenciaga Knife Point mules.” – Read the full story here on the Elle magazine website.

The overall effect is eclectic, loose, fun and easy. Turn up in your favourite frock and be my bridesmaid. Done!

The pros: you don’t have to buy bridesmaid dresses for your girls, you can have as many as you like without added cost and your wedding day is splashed with gorgeous vibrant colours. No need to mix and match bouquets, anything goes!

The cons: how do you tell the difference between regular guests at your wedding and the bridal party? Not a great option for perfectionists, what happens if one of your bridesmaids decides to wear a dress that you don’t like? Even worse, an ivory lace gown similar to your own? 

Our tip if you do decide to give it a go: make sure you communicate with your bridesmaids and give them some general guidelines so you’re still happy with their choice!

But if you decide to match your wedding party down to their underwear that’s definitely ok too, your day, your rules. x