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Organza wedding dresses – top best suited styles

What is organza?

Organza is a soft, sheer, woven fabric and smooth to touch. It’s slight stiffness makes it perfect for sculpting designs, detail and layers into the dress. It adds volume to the dress and best suited to ball gown, A-line and mermaid shape.

Ball gown

Most organza and tulle dresses suit this style and usually both fabrics are used together. The slight stiffness with organza is great for creating large ruffled swirly designs and big round petal flower skirts.


For a softer, floating look, plain simple layers of organza to the floor adds grace and elegance to the dress. Organza wedding dresses in this shape (and ball gown) tend to have a sweet-heart strapless fitted bodice with the skirt floating out. For a contemporary look, include an illusion neck link with lace appliqué or beading. Or include lace straps with lace appliqué on the bodice and skirt.


Organza has a fabulous soft, shimmering, quality about it and why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Add a few sparkling crystals or beading with a diagonally wrapped bodice and show off your hour-glass figure. Below, add ruffles to the skirt or keep them plain with multiple layers. This truly shows off how vertistile and beautiful organza wedding dresses are.


Organza comes in a huge range of colours, various ivory’s, cream’s, light latte, rose pink to a large range of bright colours. Most wedding dresses are ivory, however if you are considering a colour and using organza, we all think a light rose pink is awesome and truly romantic.

Organza vs tulle

Organza was originally made from silk or cotton, but now, more often than not, made from nylon or polyester which helps keeps the cost down. Organza is more dense and heavier than tulle which should be considered when having a summer wedding.

Regardless of what organza is made from (silk, cotton, nylon, polyester or a blend of natural and man-made fibres), organza tends to be a bit more expensive than tulle. But not to worry, it’s not unusual to include both fabrics into the dress, using tulle for the under layers and organza on the top layers. This helps keep the dress light, shimmery, soft and in budget.