Gel cushions for high heels

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  • High quality 100% silicone gel
  • Crystal clear
  • Fits any shoes
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Wash in warm water and re-use


The comfort you need to wear your favourite heels all day long! There is nothing worse than sore, tired feet. Keep your cool and composure with your secret weapon – gel cushions!

These invisible gel cushions can be inserted into any shoe so you can keep using them day after day: simply peel them off and wash in warm water. Wait until they are dry and place into another pair of shoes.



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Twinkle Toes invisible gel cushions for tired feet in high heels

Make sure you can go all day in your favourite heels – these high quality silicone gel cushions will give you the comfort you need.

Twinkle Toes Gel Cushions from Secret Weapons are superior super soft, 100% silicone, giving you all day comfort and support.

The perfect solution to that burning sensation in the balls of your feet, these invisible silicone cushions are the best on the market.