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Different Types of Satin for Wedding Dresses


More than just a soft fabric, satin is a popular choice for wedding dresses. Are you thinking about a satin wedding dress for your upcoming nuptials?
Just the way wedding dresses are available in many styles; satin is also available in different blends. There are a few popular options to choose from depending on the look you’re going for. Today, we are going to make things easy for you. We’ll talk about different types of satin for wedding dresses that a bride can choose from.

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What is Satin

Satin is not the type of fabric. Satin is the weaving of the fabric that can give it a glossy finish on one side and a dull, plain weave on the other. Whilst satin is known for being ‘shiny’, not every blend is.
Now that we know what satin actually is, let’s get back to the main reason why we are here.

Different Types of Satin for Wedding Dresses

Finally, let’s begin with the types of satin that you can choose from for a show-stopping wedding dress for your special day.

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Antique Satin

Antique satin is the perfect choice to make a wedding dress that looks like taken from vintage, 17th century. Antique skin is highly lustrous and equally delicate. Light and water can easily damage it. So, you’ll need professional fabric experts to take care of your wedding dress once the wedding function is done.

Satin Antique Satin




Charmeuse Satin

Charmeuse satin is a shiny, lightweight fabric that is the perfect choice for a wedding dress. Its flow is eloquent; it hugs your body beautifully and looks absolutely elegant when it moves naturally as you walk to the aisle.
Being a lightweight fabric, you can add multiple layers to your dress without making it too heavy to carry.

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Mikado Satin

Mikado satin is a heavy fabric that works wonders when it comes to adding structure to the wedding dress. Mikado fabrics have a rich shine and glow in a sparkly fashion when light hits them. Despite its weight, mikado silk keeps you fresh and cool. This is why mikado satin is among the most popular satin fabrics today.

Ziva Mikkado Satin

Duchess Satin

If you loved the bridal gown that your best friend wore at her wedding because you’ve never seen anything so royal, so elegant, that must be the magic of duchess satin. Back in the day, duchess satin was available only for the elite. The structural ability of duchess satin is because of its high weave count. On top of that, its pearly sheen makes it the perfect choice for your wedding dress

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Getting Your Dream Wedding Dress Ready

When it comes to getting your dream wedding dress ready for your special day, the options may get overwhelming. That said, you never need to go for high-priced designer tags that cost you a fortune. The cost of the fabric depends on its quality, and satin is available in a wide price range. All you need to do is just visit Ziva Wedding Dresses, and we’ll create a custom wedding dress. It’s your special day; we’ll make sure you get all the spotlight you deserve.