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Tips to Feeling More Comfortable In Front of the Camera on Your Wedding Day

– By Michelle from kiddykatsphoto

Are you feeling a little worried about your upcoming wedding photo shoots? Well, many have been in the same shoes as yours. Not everyone has the guts and the nerves to face the camera head-on, posing and smiling like it’s the most natural thing to do. So you’re not alone. 

You may either feel too shy to face a photographer’s lens or you simply didn’t have the need to be in front of the camera… well, not until it’s your wedding day. For one of the biggest days of your lives as a couple, expect a hundred photos to mark the special occasion. And it’s only normal that you’d want to look your best at all of them – or at least most of them. The key to achieving this is one thing: to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

To help you, here are the top tips that have worked with most brides and grooms.  

How to Feel More Comfortable in Front of the Camera?

1.  Choose your photographer wisely

It all starts with your photographer. This is a person who will see your smiles, laughter, and tears. This is also the person you are going to spend most of your wedding day with. Thus, this first tip is the most crucial.

When hiring a photographer, look for both personality and skill. Make sure to hire someone that you get along well with. More importantly, go with someone who you envision being with you in such an important event. See if your personalities and preferences match and ask directly how he/she will approach taking photos.

Then try to figure out what you want from your photographer. Do you want someone who will guide and direct all your poses or do you want someone who will stand on the sides? Or maybe, you want something of both? When you understand what you want, it’ll be easier to find the perfect photographer that you can trust. Once you trust him/her, you’ll feel more at ease in getting your photos taken. As a result, you can have a more natural-looking set of wedding pictures and an amazing flip book album.

2. Do a pre-wedding shoot

A pre-wedding shoot is like a trial run for the actual thing. It’ll give you and your partner an idea of how your photographer works and a chance to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Moreover, it will give the photographer a better understanding of how to best take photos of you.
During this part, you’ll see that it isn’t all about doing poses for hours. Your photographer won’t take continuous photos of you while you’re standing still or sitting awkwardly in one place. Instead of focusing on the camera, you and your partner will take a walk, engage with each other, and have breaks. See, just like what will happen during your wedding day, your photographer won’t ask you to pose all the time. Most of the best pictures at weddings, including pre-wedding shoots, are candid moments that just naturally happen between you and your partner.

You can find great examples of natural and candid photography moments by Kiddy Kats Photography.

In scheduling a pre-wedding shoot, be thoughtful of your time. For someone who has never experienced a photo session or someone who is camera-shy, it might take you a while before you start to relax in front of the camera. So don’t rush it and give you and your partner some time to feel comfortable.

3. Try out your final look

Similar to having a pre-wedding session, doing a hair and makeup trial with your chosen artist will make you feel more confident during the actual day.  Choose Earrings to shape your face and compliment your make up. Already knowing and seeing your final look helps you be more comfortable in getting your photos taken. Plus, this will give your makeup artist a chance to see how to best show and highlight your features.

4. Take a deep breath

Before you face the camera, take a deep breath. This eases some of your worries away and it’ll help you calm down. You can do this every time you start feeling anxious, worried, or shy. See, it is best to deal with your nerves before you start having your photos taken.

5. Embrace yourself

The reason why you’re having a photographer at your wedding isn’t so you can look like models for a day. It’s to capture both you and your partner’s authentic personalities. Are you playful or goofy? Show that. Your wedding photos will look more natural and meaningful when they show the REAL YOU.
See, you are better at this than you may think. You don’t have to be perfect so don’t put that much pressure on yourself. You and your partner are beautiful and you’re about to promise to spend your whole lives together – and that’s all that matters.