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We all know planning a wedding can be stressful, there are so many details to consider and what seems like so many people to please, it can consume all our energy and turn us into stressed-out, manic brides-to-be.

So that you don’t get labelled a ‘bridezilla’ (eeek!) and can make it to your wedding day without growth of any new white hairs, we’ve compiled a top tips list from our newly married brides who have been through it all and come out the other side with some pearls of wisdom!

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Ok, we’ve all been here. Little details change at the last minute and it’s turning into a crisis. Try to put it all in perspective and not stress about the details that won’t make any difference to anyone’s enjoyment of the day.

So the colour of the men’s ties doesn’t exactly match the bridesmaid dresses. Does it really matter? Everyone will think that you planned it this way unless you tell them otherwise!

When the florist calls and advises that they can’t supply the lilies you you selected but will replace them with equally amazing flower of your choice, resist the urge to blurt profanities down the phone line.  Remember, they can’t help the situation no matter how cross you get so let’s take a deep breath and move on to Plan B.

At the end of the day you are the only one who will know things aren’t exactly as you planned and you will be busy having fun with your guests so just let go an enjoy your special day.

2. Be prepared for something to go wrong, so when it does you can laugh about it

Remember this is a special day with your husband to remember forever, so don’t make your memories full of things that didn’t go right and spoiled your day.

Even with the most careful planning, chances are that something won’t happen as its meant to on the day and if you can take it all in your swing and carry on, you’ll have a much better day and your memories will be joyful ones rather than frustration.

Usually what seems like a disaster at the time can actually be a funny memory that you can laugh about for years to come.

You can avoid major issues like storms ruining an outdoor wedding by having a backup venue arranged just in case!

3. Choose a dress you feel amazing in, but is also practical and comfortable!

There are so many amazing looking dresses in the designer mags, our brides advice is to look at some of the practical features too.

For example, a tight mermaid style dress will give killer curves but can you go to the bathroom without un-lacing the back (and needing a friend to help you each time!)?

Does the dress allow you to walk and dance freely? Consider not only the leg movement but also the length of the train – when dancing you don’t want to be constantly standing on it or moving from under other people’s feet!

4. Focus on having a great time yourself and so will everyone else

Stress is an unseen negative vibe and if you’re uptight on your day the feeling will rub off on others subconsciously. Make sure you have plenty of sleep the night before and try to stay in your zen zone.

The more you relax and enjoy yourself the better your day will be for you and everyone else. They all want you to have the best day of your life and seeing you living the dream will bring a smile to their faces. You’ll find that your guests will feed off your positive energy and have a great time too.