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An Australian summer is just around the corner and whilst there’s a high chance the 2017 summer brides are organised, the 2018 summer brides may be just starting their wedding planning.

Choosing your perfect summer wedding dress is high up there on the priorty list!

Staying cool in the summer heat

We all know that an Australian summer can be hot and if you’re like the majority of summer brides, you’ll be having an element of your wedding outdoors.

It’s important to think about how comfortable you’ll need to feel in your dress, what fabric and style are best suited to a hot summer’s day.


What fabrics are best suited for a summer wedding dress?

Lightweight and airy come to mind when I think fabric for a summery wedding dress.

Organza, tulle and chiffon are excellent options for a dress that’s not going to make you feel hot (sweaty) and uncomfortable.

Read more about different types of fabrics in our Fabric Guide.

What fabrics to avoid?

Although silk tends to be a lighter fabric, it’s quite unforgiving when it comes to watermarks. Silk marks very easily when exposed to water which makes it not a great option for summer (think sweat marks that dry marked).

Also avoid those heavy fabrics such as thick satin or velvet.

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

What style of dress would be best for a summer wedding?

If you’re getting married on the beach, you don’t want to end up with half of it in your dress. Think about how long you would like your train and whether or not it would be suitable for a beach wedding.

Australian weather is also very unpredictable, so if the wind picks up, be mindful of a breeze-catching your dress.

The other thing to think about is rain, if the rain starts to fall, you don’t want your dress to stick to you and become see-through.

Strapless dresses are lovely for summer, but avoid making your dress too heavy with lace or beading as a heavy dress, is a hot dress. A ballgown style dress is also a no-no.

So, what is the best style of dress? Well, there’s plenty of options!

Tea-length, sheath, A-line and mermaid are all very suitable. A gorgeous chiffon skirt, illusion tulle with minimal lace is a perfect option for the summer bride. There are many combinations of different fabric and designs that can suit all shapes and size.

Read more about Dress Styles in our dress guide.

Best Wedding Dress for Summer

Flowers and shoes to go with your summer wedding dress …

Summer brings so much gorgeous to a wedding day and summer flowers are no exception. Hydrangeas look stunning in bridal bouquets, so do Zinnias, Queen Anne’s Lace, Poppies, Gerberas and Chrysanthemum. The only problem is, there are too many options to choose from!

Choosing your perfect wedding shoe is also a difficult choice, but be mindful of a stiletto on a beach! It’s a nice idea to have two pairs of wedding shoes if need be. One wedge, or flat sandal for the beach/garden and a high fun pump for the evening.

Of course, there is always the option of barefoot, for a super casual, boho, relaxed look.

Bridal Bouquets

Summer is a gorgeous time of the year to get married.

Warm weather creates more options for outdoor ceremonies, longer evenings (in daylight savings states), soft romantic dress styles and colour, lots of bright colour (if that’s your thing of course).

We love a summer wedding (and every other seasonal wedding, we’re totally biased), and we would especially love to recreate your dream wedding dress to suit your summer style.

~ The Team at Ziva Wedding Dresses. x