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Tulle wedding dresses – top 3 shapes

What is tulle?

Tulle originated from a small city Tulle in south, central France. It is a light weight fabric, similar to netting, but much, much finer. It’s relative stiffness and small mesh holes makes it idea for veils and bridal wedding dress skirts and yes, it’s famous for ballet tutus.

Tulle, like organza, can range from very soft to fairly stiff. It tends to be cheaper than organza which is a much finer fabric but heavier fabric. So if you a wanting a fuller (but not heavy) dress, then use tulle with possibly a layer of organza on the top.

Ball gown

Tulle wedding dresses look their best when used with lots and lots of layers. Hence the ball gown shape suites tulle really well. It fills out and adds volume to wedding skirts which is fun yet still very celestial and graceful. Tulle is beautiful enough to be used on its own as a skirt, or be used as an under-skirt overlaid with another fabric on top. It can also be used on the bodice for an illusional neck-line or over the top of another fabric to create a soft, fairy, ethereal look.


Mermaid is great for showing off your figure with tulle creating volume at the lower part of your wedding dress. The classic mermaid look uses tulle as the skirt, plain and straight with lots of layers. However tulle ruffles can be created for a different sassy look.


Tulle does not have to be big and ball-gown. With a few simple layers you can create a softer, tall, elegant, look with an A-line shape. Or simpler still, use a single layer of tulle covered with beads or lace is very chic and divine.


While most opt for traditional off white colours, we have seen a trend of using light pale pink. It’s very romantic, elegant and feminine and makes your dress stand out from the others. The lightness and airiness of tulle is fabulous for you to be more creative. Add a little light grey, or pale blue into a tulle dress, can totally transform it into something very special without being over the top. Just take a look at our pictures below.