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Wedding dresses come in all sorts of styles, and the length of the dress and train have specific terms you may not have heard of before. Here we explain the most commonly used terms for dress and train lengths.

Knee Length

A knee length dress finishes at knee level. This style is ideal for a non-traditional wedding, and suits brides who are of small stature.

Tea Length

A tea length wedding dress falls to about mid-calf. This length is very popular at the moment, both on and off the catwalk. Giving a contemporary look they suit beach weddings, garden weddings or other less traditional styles.

Floor Length

This basically means no train. The wedding dress will be the same length both front and back. It’s ideal for more informal type weddings and on the beach as the dress won’t be dragging in the sand.

Sweep Train

This is a short train between 30 and 50cm from the hem, just sweeping the ground behind your feet. It is sometimes called a brush train. This style has all the elegance of a train with a more practical length that is easier to manage throughout your wedding.

Chapel Length Train

This is a common choice in train length because it has the elegance of a full train but is still not too difficult to manage. A chapel train is generally 1 metre from the hem. This is perfect for a semi-formal wedding dress but could be used for a formal or informal wedding dress as well.

Cathedral Length Train

This is a popular choice for a formal affair or for that fairy tale look and is 2 meters or more from the hem. They can become dirty from dragging on the ground the dress so you could look at having a bustle or even a removable train. Give us a call if you would like to discuss adding a bustle to your dress.