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It comes as no surprise that couples dream about hosting the perfect outdoor wedding. With scenic views, beautiful blue skies and the sun shining from up above; what else could make this momentous day more picturesque? Although this most certainly is the desired dream, the reality may be much different as it is often difficult to predict how the weather will behave. However, with the right planning and resources, your dream of a fairytale wedding can easily become one of reality regardless of rain, hail or sunshine. Here is our ultimate guide to preparing your outdoor wedding for any season of the year!

Hire a Marquee

From backyards to Vineyards- whatever your destination may be, a marquee is a must! Let’s face it, we have all been in a situation where the weather has just got the best of us. Its unpredictability is just well… predictable. So save yourself the tears and disappointments of a washed-out wet wedding, and hire a marquee. Don’t worry about the space you have to work with, marques are designed in all different shapes and sizes so you’ll be bound to find one that’s a perfect fit. And what’s even better- you won’t miss out on any of the scenery, the latest designs accommodate for clear ceilings giving you the illusion of actually being outdoors. If there is one thing you’ll be thankful for, it’s your decision to hire a marquee! Rent a Marquee from Marquee Monkeys and your wedding will be remembered for years to come, and it won’t be because of its wet look!

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Moving onto other essentials, don’t forget to weatherproof your marquee and keep the airflow circulating! For summer months, think about placing fans or portable aircon in selected areas and in colder months keep guests warm by providing portable heaters. For some extra touches you can even add in blankets and handheld fans for guests to use at their convenience. 

Add In Temporary Flooring

If you’re planning on walking down the aisle and saying your  ‘I, dos’ outdoors, consider laying down temporary flooring to give you and your guests added comfort. As a bride, there is nothing worse than having your newly purchased stilettos stuck in grass or mud piles. And while you want to be indulging the moment, this can definitely cause some unneeded frustrations especially when it’s time to have the important photos captured. Avoid the mess and add in sturdy flooring so you can easily bypass the issue altogether! 

Keep the Party Alive

Your special day is all about celebrating and although the weather may not be cooperative, this doesn’t mean that the party needs to stop. Give your guests an undercover dance floor and keep them dancing all night long, rather than splashing in puddles. Don’t forget to set up a power generator for use of electricity. 

Umbrellas and Raincoats- Your New Best Friends!

As an added measure of protection, have a bucket of umbrellas and raincoats available for use in case there are any areas that are not undercover. Although this may seem like a basic concept, in the midst of all the wedding planning and excitement, this is something that can easily be overlooked.  Ensure that you are keeping an eye out on the weather by using the metrology tool.

When it comes time to planning an outdoor wedding or for that matter, any wedding in general, it can be both a daunting and magical experience. Planning ahead of time and preparing for the unexpected weather occurrences will put your mind at ease so that you can enjoy your special day. 


Written by Marquee Monkeys in Melbourne