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Rustic, outdoor, garden weddings aren’t going anywhere in 2020. Australians are still seeking out the spring sunshine, long summer evenings and warm autumn days to tie the knot.

And, we don’t blame them!

So, what’s the scoop on 2020 wedding trends?

Besides the weather, what other factors draw couples to decide an outdoor wedding venue?

Let’s face it ambiance and atmosphere make a wedding. Billowing hills, stunning countryside and lush greenery all adds to the effect of an outdoor wedding. People naturally connect with nature, so being outdoors creates a sense of calm and beauty that indoors can’t always bring.


Flower Power – 2020 Styling

Let’s talk flowers. There is a strong theme being featured in many of our weddings this season. The natural, unstructured style garden bouquet. But it’s next level. Gone are the asymmetrical, triangle shapes. Replaced with the crescent moon shape, unstructured with a range of native blooms; eucalyptus and protea. Did we mention rustic above? Well, flowers are going very rustic!


Gone are the asymmetrical, triangle shapes.

Flower Petals, so-long confetti

Whoever thought throwing a bunch of tiny pieces of paper was a good idea!?

In, 2020 styling, lavender rose petals and scrunched autumn leaves are fantastic alternatives. Keeping the planet clean, but not giving up on the tradition. Bubble blowing is also an idea, however, if it’s a windy day, not so much.

(Image: Mondo Floral Designs)


(Image: The Knot)


Choosing a venue with a connection to animals such as a farm is a great way to have them present at your wedding without you doing the leg work.

The easiest option for lovers of cats, bunnies and guinea pigs, if you get ready at home you can enjoy the comfort of your cats’ purrs to calm your nerves, and capture your beloved pet with you on your big day.

You might not want a jumpy dog around in your dress, but if you can remember it’s just a dress then having pictures with your special friend will be priceless.

Don’t forget, to save the life of a cow, a pig, or a chicken by offering a vegetarian or vegan alternative wedding dinner instead!


Tulle, tulle and more tulle for wedding dresses in 2020 wedding trends! We’re wrapped as we love a gorgeous whimsical tulle wedding gown.

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